12 Days of Partying, Santa Said To Me…

Merry Xmas my friends! Half of Cape Town may have disappeared to their holiday houses around the coast line but BCTC is always here to give you great party info! So here with are my 12 Days of Christmas Party List! And like the 1780 carol, I hope these parties will still be spoken about in 200 years time. Merry Xmas! And remember, if you can’t be good, be careful πŸ˜‰ BCTC xx

Untamed Youth FlierDAY 1: December 25th: UNTAMED YOUTH (Electro & Drum n Bass)

Fiction’s Tuesday student night is burping away Xmas lunch with the launch of Haezer and Niskerone’s coastal tour at Fiction. They’ve taken some hilarious event flier photo’s as well, make sure to check them out! The theme is Christmas so dress up and join the fun.

R60 < 00:00 < R80

22:00 The Grinch (Side5how)
23:30 Tommy Gun
01:00 Haezer
02:30 Niskerone

SPECIALS: R10 Potency, R12 Castle/Black Label, R12 Tequila, R25 Doubles & Mix, R35 Dbl vodka & Red Bull.

188151_525465477478494_739832697_nDAY 2: December 26th: COLD TURKEY 2 YEAR B’DAY (Mixed Electronic)

After all the unnecessary bad behaviour from some selfish Cold Turkey attendees, the organisers have officially moved the party. The venue is yet to be confirmed but it will have booze for sale, braai meat for sale (or bring your own) and the best beats as always. December 26th sees Cold Turkey celebrate it’s 2 year birthday!

Doors open at 1pm and include SA DMC Champion X2 Tha Cutt, Dave Q from NYC, Sellah from NY and Throwing Shade from the UK.

R30 < 16:00 < R40. Doors open at 13:00.

P.S Rumour has it is that the new venue is in Green Point…


DAY 3: December 27th: LEGGO! (Uk Funky, UK Garage, Mumbaton)

R20 < 22:00 < R30 Doors open at 9pm.

Cape Town’s weekly UK Bass Night Leggo! is hosted by The White Nite who has offered a platform to other UK Bass lovers. Expect UK Funky, UK Garage, Mumbaton, dubstep (bro step excluded), etc. And this week features Headphase, RVWR and The White Nite. The Waiting Room entrance is next to Royale.

Specials: R11 Black Label/Castle

Waiting Room closes at 2am.

240961_10151123899856207_1799721514_oDAY 4: December 28th: CIVIL TWILIGHT (Rock)

Civil Twilight headlined Rocking the Daisies in 2011 and won the audience over when they continued to play irrespective of terrible sound issues. With success in the States from having their music featured on One Tree Hill, Civil Twilight is back for a summer tour.

New South African favourite Gangs of Ballet have shot up the 5FM charts this year with their pop rock tunes. Originally from Durban, Gangs of Ballet will be supporting Civil Twilight in their summer tour.

DAY 5: December 29th: KWAAIΒ (Hip Hop)


This is a cool hip hop project that exchanges Swedish and South African hip hop flavours. 2 of the country’s most well known hip hop DJs, Raiko and Hamma, are playing so it’s bound to be a great gig. Kwaai has been recording at the Red Bull studios this week with Jack Parow. Local talent merging with first world interpretations. Join KWAAI at The Waiting Room.

R50 All Night.

DAY 6, 7, 8, 9: DECEMBER 30TH – JANUARY 2ND:

All three of the big festivals run concurrently, the include:

1) Techno Dubfest aka Rezonance
2) Rock the River
3) One World Festival

Rezonance and One World are in direct competition as they both have psy-trance floors and alternative electronic music floors. Rock the River is the rock festival that has an alternative electronic dance floor. Check out the line ups to decide which festival best suits you. This is my opinion:

Rock the River Icon

DAY 6: December 30th: ROCK THE RIVER (Rock and Electronic)

One of South Africa’s best punk bands Hog Hoggidy Hog are taking those who love to rock out into the new year. Rock the River plays host to many of South Africa’s best loved bands over the new year’s festivities. For those who like electronic music there’s an alternative electronic floor with the best DJs from around the country with Greg Reve taking the electronic floor into the New Years. Also expect the likes of Fletcher (African Dope), Damage Inc feat. MC Heavy G, Mr Sakitumi, DJ Invisible amongst others.

373138_404221866315207_846117142_nDAY 7:Β December 31st: TECHNO DUBFEST (Mixed electronic)

Rezonance is the biggest out door party in Cape Town over new years due to the massive psy-trance floor. If you’re a new lover of psy-trance, this is the party for you. However, there’s an alternative electronic dance floor called Techno Dubfest. Here you can find all the drum n bass, dubstep, breaks, electro, etc over the 3 day period.


At this point I recommend heading out to One World Festival as it’s the only festival that’s going on until the 2nd of January! If you’re staying at Rezonance, enjoy the sounds of:

00H30 – 02H00 :: Richard the Third
02H00 – 03H30 :: Floyd Lavine
03H30 – 04H45 :: Lady M
04H45 – 05H45 :: James What ( UK )
05H45 – 07H00 :: Mey
07H00 – 08H30 :: Pierre Estienne vs Warren Bokwe
08H30 – 09H30 :: Ian Skene
09H30 – 11H00 :: Trickski ( Germany )
11H00 – 12H30 :: Diggin4Dodge
12H30 – 13H30 :: Ida Dougaard ( Denmark )
13H30 – 15H00 :: Jacob Phono ( Germany )
15H00 – 16H30 :: Julien Chaptal ( Holland )
16H30 – 18H00 :: Jimmy Chronic + Nick Lumb
18H00 – 19H00 :: Kanan K7


DAY 9: January 2nd: ONE WORLD FESTIVAL (Mixed electronic)

Infected Mushroom Gig Proof

This event seems to have some controversy about it, I’m not sure why. When I heard tickets were R160 and I saw the line up I thought it MUST be a scam. To ensure this wasn’t true, I checked all the international DJ’s websites and their sites do confirm their Cape Town gigs.I couldn’t find the Skazi one, but then again, his website hasn’t been updated since 2007! But I did find information forΒ Judge Jules (UK) (JAN 1ST), Lisa Lashes (UK) and Infected Mushroom (Israel). Lisa Lashes and Infected Mushroom are both playing on January 2nd.


I really like this new concept that I’ve discovered, First Thursday is the name of the evening when all the art galleries between Wale Street and Hout Street (City Bowl) open after hours to display the works. This month’s (January) galleries include:

– Cape Town School of Photography Student Exhibition
– Brundyn + Gonsalves
– Erdmann Contemporary / ThePhotographersGalleryZA
– KND Nautical Gallery
– G2 Art
– Youngblood
– New Heritage Gallery
– The d’VINE art ROOM by Shay Davis

Food & Drink:
– Dear Me (Reservations: 0214224920)
– Clarke’s Bar & Dining Room
– Little Ethiopia (Reservations: 0214248254)
– Tjing Tjing Rooftop Bar

Use the Twitter hash tag #firstthursdays if you decide to join in! When you’re done, head to It Came From The Jungle for the regular drum n bass nights in Long Street.

DAY 11: January 4th: PETE TONG (UK) (House)


I missed the memo on Pete Tong but since everyone’s so excited about his arrival, I Googled him πŸ˜‰

Basically: Β He’s an old school English house DJ who’s been instrumental in the scene over the last 20 years. He’s a Radio 1 presenter, who helped pushed the house scene globally. He closed one of the dance floors at Glastonbury and is returning to Ibiza as well as starting a residency in Las Vegas this season. He’s also worked with a crazy about of producers and performers from Aloe Black, Seal, Calvin Harris +++ LOADS more. Read his Pete Tong website bioΒ for more.

Bottom line, any old school DJ is usually a total win to watch so Pete Tong makes it onto my 12 Days of Partying list! He’s playing at The Reserve in St. George’s Mall in Cape Town CBD. His site says The Reserve in Cape Town, Facebook event says Joburg…I’ve requested a confirmation about the address.


DAY 12: January 5th: PRESSURE (Drum n Bass)


Everyone’s waiting with baited breath to see what Pressure holds. Pressure has taken over Homegrown’s time and date slot, but will it manage to keep going for 12 years? That yet remains to be seen, however, if you want to be standing there in 10 years time, I suggest you attend the launch so you can say you were there πŸ˜‰

Niskerone (It Came From The Jungle) & Mikisan (MC)
Mix n Blend
Rudeone (Science Friction)
Hyphen (Homegrown)

R60 at the door, R45 pre-sold through Webtickets.

And THAT my friends is my recommendation on how to rock this summer season in Cape Town!

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