[CLOSED] 2x Entry to Uppercut VS Button Basher this Friday!

Uppercut LogoUppercut‘s a party that I’ve been meaning to return to for quite some time. It’s an original Cape Town hip hop party that happens at the Waiting Room. And when I say original, I mean in authenticity and style. It seems gone are the days where parties in Cape Town were solely about the music, DJ face to face with audience, the beats carrying the party all night long.

Uppercut hasn’t lost this magic but they’re also not stale. They’ve teamed up with Button Bashers for this week’s party. I’m not sure if I used to know this, I’ve certainly forgotten it. The concept of Button Bashers is that each producer receives a sample track. They then turn it into something else and present it on the night. This time, it’s hip hop scratch DJs versus Button Bashers. Who KNOWS what creativity will come out this Friday!

This week’s battle producers include: B#, Desert_head, TehSynes and WiLDEBEATS versus DJs Desert Head, DJ Hamma, Nastie Ed and Young Supreme.

If you’re keen to check the battle out (which starts at midnight sharp!) then hit the Waiting Room. R30 before 10pm, R40 there after. Alternatively:

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Click Attending on the Uppercut 13th December 2013 Facebook event to keep up to date with any further details. Easy! See you there 😀 Thanks to Akai for the sponsorship of prizes.


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