CTEMF Line Up 2013


One can’t help but be curious as a blogger so here’s my attempt at compiling the 2013 CTEMF line up!

  • A33
  • African Storm Soundsystem
  • Anthea Scholtz
  • Behr & Mey
  • Black Coffee
  • Card on Spokes
  • Christian Tiger School
  • Crazy White Boy
  • Diggin4Dodge
  • Esa
  • Floyd Lavine
  • Forgotten Free-Quencies
  • G-Force
  • Haezer
  • Helmut J VS Ryan Sullican
  • Killer Robot
  • Lady M
  • Lark (Electro)
  • Liver
  • Mix n Blend
  • Niskerone
  • Phat Jack
  • Pisce DJ
  • Pierre Estienne
  • Pure Solid
  • Ready D feat. Youngsta
  • Rebel Clef
  • Richard the Third VS Jakobsnake
  • Richie Hawtin (USA)
  • Ruffest
  • Shangaan Electro
  • Sibot + Toyota + Sayyid
  • Sound Sensible
  • TehSynes
  • Terrence Pearce
  • Tommy Gun

My only observation is that there’s not much dubstep. No Audiofile, no Blotchy, no Saffiyya, Fletcher, SFR, Hyphen, etc. Guess it’s up to Richard the III and Rebel Clef at this time.

Ticket Prices:

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  1. Friday R150
  2. Saturday R150
  3. Sunday R150
  4. Full Weekend R350 (Until sold out)

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