iKhaya Fest @ Zula, Cape Town, 13.08.11.

If you didn’t make it out to the iKhaya Fest at Zula this weekend, here’s what you missed. If you’re interested in how Zula is coming along, check out my post after the video…

The new Zula premises have come along quite nicely. This weekend saw the iKhaya Fest take place, hosting 16 artists from a full on psy-trance floor downstairs to alternative electronic music upstairs, Zula looked like a full on rave! Although the party itself was a great success, pleasant audience, the staff at Zula left much to be desired.

I heard numerous stories throughout the night about less than average service, behaviour being ‘wrong’ on principle over the actual deeds. From the cleaning lady slamming the dirt bag into patrons’ legs (gross and um, hello, I’m standing here?!) and her helping herself to the ‘free’ (but paid for by the people) promotional shot glasses, the barman who helps himself to your change (tips are a choice, not a right), the fact that the other needed a calculator to work out R100 – R36, the bouncer’s snotty attitude downstairs at the ladies loo (apparently it’s difficult to look at someone in the face and listen to what they’re saying)…hopefully they will get people who actually want to work instead of acting like they’re doing us a favour by being there.

Apart from this staff factor, the artists rocked the house, thanks to them (7ft Sound System, Sibot, Mr Sakitumi, SFR, Niskerone, Rubix Qube, Fletcher & the ones I didn’t manage to catch!) for making sticking around all worth it!

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