[VIDEO] Sublime Tribute Show 2013, 11.01.13

When friends suggested going to the Sublime Tribute Show 2013 I was really keen because I hadn’t made it to Rock the River over new years. In fact, it’d been a while since I’d watched any bands. I can’t even remember the last bands I watched at Mercury Live but I remember they were from Joburg…so it was time!

Sublime CoverThe Sublime Tribute show seemed like a good night out but when I saw how quickly the tickets were selling I knew it’d be a GREAT night out! I had no idea it was a “thing” but it seems so. When I started asking around about the event it came with rave reviews. Tickets were available on Webtickets for a R10 discount from the door (R50). Everyone bought tickets as they guaranteed entrance which was a good thing as they sold out with only 100 places left at the door.

I have to say, I was quite surprised how drunk some people were when we got there at 9pm! Some chicks were already yelling away. I saw some guy so hammered by 10pm he was literally hanging onto the fooz table! This is a HUGE contrast to the electronic parties that I’ve been frequenting where people only arrive at 11pm and party until sunrise.

Either way, I wasn’t there for the crowd, I was there for the music and it was an awesome way to start 2013. So many musicians featured from so many bands such as Half Price, Hog Hoggidy Hog, Rudimentals, 7th Son, Grassy Spark, Peachy Keen, Little Kings, Taxi Violence and more. Each band added their own specific take on the Sublime songs, albeit still in the punk/ska genre, it was a great fusion.

I’m definitely going to make 2013 more of a band year. After my Pressure review, I have to add that Mercury had opened their smaller bar upstairs and had more than one barman downstairs. Nothing worse that waiting half an hour for a drink – long may it last!

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