Skrillex Cape Town Tour Dates Confirmed!

372912_533606233330665_1904239080_nAnd so every electronic music girl’s wildest dreams have come true today, ah, what a Monday! Skrillex’s Mothership tour dates for South Africa have been confirmed. He’ll be playing at Thunder City on March 1st, 2013 in Cape Town. Tickets are R300 early bird (until sold out) and R400 for general (no VIP in Cape Town). Tickets go on sale on January 29th. Join the Skrillex Facebook event to stay up to date with gig information. BANGARANG! I mean…BOOM!

Skrillex was in the GooniesP.S Is it just me or does Skrillex TOTALLY look like that guy from The Goonies? Corey Feldman?! LOL!

For those serious fans, here’s footage from his Mothership Tour in North America:

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