Gourmet Boerie, Kloof Street

Gourmet Boerie ViewI’ve had to hold out my post on Gourmet Boerie because the Cape Times beat me to it! Seems I’m keeping up with the Times 😉

The first time I visited Gourmet Boerie I sat down and salivated over the menu. When I went to order they told us the kitchen was closed and that there were no orders after 9:30, I believe it was. So I just wrote off the restaurant because I think that’s a pathetic trading hour for both concept and location. It’s boerie rolls! Easy to make plus 90% of the population only eat them after 11pm at night! (Welcome to hammered Cape Town 😉 )

Kloof Street, Cape TownBut the good word continued to spread about the boeries and I found myself searching for some dinner once again on a Friday night. After considering a few spots, Gourmet Boerie popped into mind so we set off. This time it was 8pm so there was no denying us some tasty boerewors action! For those of you who do know know what “boere wors” is, the literal translation is farmer’s sausage and originates from the Afrikaans people in South Africa. It’s a staple for all South African braais and is delicious!

Gourmet BoerieWe sat down and peered over busy Kloof Street and upper Long street as excited Friday night revelers pumped their music, pulled faces, had a laugh as they drove past. We even greeted a few of our own mates who happened to be walking past the open window! The hustle and the bussle of a city at night can be such a comforting friend.

Mexicana Gourmet BoerieI ordered the mexicana with a beef boere wors. The flavour profile is obviously Mexican and includes sour cream, gaucamole, jalapeños  tomato salsa and fresh coriander. I removed the coriander as I hate it and any decent restaurant uses fresh herbs so it was easy enough to do. The menu has about a dozen different boere wors roll profiles plus patrons can choose from chicken, beef, beef mixed with pork and vegetarian boere worses. There are also 3 different types of rolls to choose from as well as accompaniaments – shoe string fries, salad and onion rings.
Gourmet Boerie BarGourmet Boerie has a fully stocked bar and remains open after the kitchen closes. I think this is a bit of an evil trick because, as mentioned before, most people NEED a boerie roll after drinking all night! So this is a bit of a devilish move. Other than that, the meals are really reasonably priced. The Mexicana was R50 and included shoe string fries. Our waiter/server was also very pleasant. Definitely pop in BEFORE you go out and enjoy a fresh, medium sized meal (I don’t like being too full when I go out) that’s tasty, affordable and delicious.

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