Penguins at Boulders Beach

Penguin ViewI had absolutely no intention of going to see the penguins last week. I had  planned on enjoying a beautiful drive around the Cape Peninsula and was happy to end up where I ended up. This so happened to be in Simon’s Town. Did you know the Redhill Road connects Simons Town and Scarborough? I did not! But more about that section of the drive another time. 🙂 Needless to say, we ended up in Simon’s Town and enjoyed a drive through the village.


The fact of the matter is, however, once arriving in Simon’s Town there’s no avoiding the adorable animals at the end of the road. Although we parked to have a snack, drink and view across the bay, once you spot a penguin there’s no turning off the love! It’d been about a decade since I was last at Boulders Beach so I was immediately sucked in for a visit.

Penguin Love

I ran after a few of them lurking around on the rocks but for R45 per adult it’s impossible not to go for a visit. This rate is perfect for locals but for foreigners? It’s not even a fiver! I just researched what the cost of an adult standard ticket is for the London Eye is for this week and it’s R260. We’re charging them R45. It’s DEFINITELY time to start charging separate local rates and tourist rates. Plus one is still able to swim in the sea where the penguins are, WAY better than the London Eye (yes I’ve done both).

After walking along the bushy walk ways and spotting penguins, and the odd dussie muching away at the berry bushes, one reaches the main entrance to the penguin viewing boardwalks. I believe it was a quiet day when we went but there were only tourists there all hanging out with their massive cameras trying to take 50-50’s next best shot.


The penguins really are adorable though so I don’t blame them. I discovered the lesser visited boardwalk which goes off to the right just behind the loos at the front entrance. A good place to view penguins away from the obvious route. This way you don’t have to share the view with as many visitors which means you can cut out the attempt peering over strangers’ shoulders to catch a glimpse. There was only one lady at the end of the lesser used boardwalk. 😉

So if you’re looking for a cute, day time date then definitely go to Boulder’s Beach and visit the penguins. I recommend visiting during the week as I’m sure weekends are packed!

Simon’s Town is really charming with its English styled pubs along the main road, unique coffee shops, all tinged with a naval theme due to the military base at the harbour. Definitely sometime unique and fun for a lovely day out in Cape Town.

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