[VID] CTEMF 2013 Video by Makhulu

Line Up FlierAs the 2013 Cape Town Electronic Music Festival approaches electronic music lovers are keeping their eyes peeled on the brand’s social media channels – myself included! The theme this year seems to be on a bit of a live performance tip paired with many of the current South African great DJs and producers.

I am a littler perplexed at some of the performers on the line up as I don’t associate them with the electronic music scene at all. So any official media that emerges from the brand – I’m on it! The more I can understand about the festival the more I can appreciate the work. If you feel the same way, then here’s a little video for you to appreciate this year:

P.S If anyone wants to comment about their thoughts on the line up and help me understand/learn more, please do so! All comments welcome 🙂


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