Details: THE KOOKS In Cape Town For #5GumExperience

IMG_47555Gum Experience Ticket entry for Cape Town on the 5 Gum Facebook Page and will be released shortly.

So in true 5 Gum style, where EVERYBODY wants to be involved, the brand is hosting one of the UK’s biggest bands: THE KOOKS!

The Kooks’ single Naive is still one of the best indie pop songs around. But the British band has gone onto greater heights, since releasing their first album, having won themselves a European MTV award, a Brit award as well as hitting number 1 in the UK with their single Konk. Their third album released in 2011, Junk of the Heart, has seen them tour the world from the UK to Australia and now South Africa 🙂

The Kooks 5 GUmGet tickets from the 5 Gum FB page, for Cape Town on April 20th!

I was happy to see that 5 Gum has grown into such an anticipated party. It was the first Gum that gave me the nudge to start this blog. Back then I had tried but realised that WordPress was a greater network. I literally knew nothing about blogging, hosts, social media marketing, good practises and not only writing content but successfully sharing it.

These days it’s become my passion. I see the internet like a destination. The destination is success but how to get there is like diciphering the Da Vinci code! If you figure out the puzzle through various tactics the world becomes your oyster. So I’d like to start off thanking 5Gum Experience 2011! Your first event was so amazing that I was compelled to write about it.

Sadly, last year I was out of town and unable to attend the event. I tried to the decipher the sound clip that was sent out and I was pathetic! Totally didn’t get it LOL But I still enjoy media where the audience chooses to engage instead of being forced by abrasive marketing.

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