[VIDEO] Fokofpolisiekar at the Assembly, 28.03.13

Ok I’m not trying to drive anyone mad by constantly posting Ek Skyn Heilig videos by Fokokpolisiekar but when I went to the Assembly last weekend, to celebrate a friend’s birthday, I really wasn’t expecting it to be as full as it was. Now I know that doesn’t make sense since they’re one of the country’s biggest bands but it was easter weekend and I’d figured everyone had gone out of town. Wrong.

As per usual, I was surprised at the level of inebriation of all the girls and boys. Damn, these rock n roll types just get so drunk so early! I’m never pushed around or bumped at electronic gigs like I am at rock gigs. But I’m not here to bitch. Bottom line is that the Assembly was packed and that’s fair game.

I missed the first band, Conduit, who I’ve seen a lot in my Facebook news feed. I hadn’t heard of the second band on the line up so I assumed they’d play first. My mistake. The second band was Future Primitives. They say they’re a psychedelic garage rock” band, I saw them more on an the indie tip. I initially thought it was a bit “samey” but I get so annoyed when people say electronic music is “samey” that I realised the fault lay with me, not the band. So I dropped the attitude and just took them in for what they were – and I enjoyed them more. The audience was really enjoying them and that’s all the counts.

Fokok was the headliner as they were celebrating their 10 years of being a band. 10 years hardly seems a long time with all they’ve achieved but it does make total sense. One of the first times I ever saw them was with Hog Hoggidy Hog at Boogaloos in Tygervalley. That was honestly about 8 years ago…so ya…10 years makes sense.

The long and the short of the story is that they totally kicked ass. They put on a show which many musicians don’t seem to grasp. They thing that because they’re in a band that it’s good enough. Wrong. Fokok put on a professional show, they weren’t hammered, they weren’t rolling their eyes and acting bored, they were present and put on a show, they had performance in their set, some effort, which I appreciate.

When Ek Skyn Heilig came on and the whole club went up in song, there was nothing more I could than hit record. Enjoy. Oh, and congratulations to Fokofpolisiekar. You’ve achieved so much in 10 years and I hope you have many more decades to come. Best wishes.


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