The Crypt Jazz Club Launches Tonight in Cape Town

St George's CathedralI’m fascinated by the fact that the Cape Town Jazz festival has over 15 000 visitors yet the Mahogany Room is one of the smallest clubs in Cape Town. Where’s the local support for our brilliant jazz musicians all year round? Ok, the Cape Town Jazz festival is hardly a jazz festival, more like a soul festival but none the less, people claim to like jazz and attend the event. With this in mind, I hope the next jazz venture in Cape Town, The Crypt Jazz Club, will be more widely supported.

The Crypt Jazz Club opens tonight (Friday 10th April, 2013) but on Wednesday evening I was lucky enough to pop in at the media launch. Apparently the Crypt at St. George’s Cathedral has been used as a venue numerous times over the past few years (it was built in 1898 so fair enough) but I hadn’t been inside before.

The Crypt EntryThe Crypt is opposite the Taj Hotel in Wale Street and one enters from the street. The Crypt’s ambience starts with the comforting coolness that always accompanies as underground venue. One enters right next to the stage which is clad with a beautiful grand white piano. I’d love to know where it came from as it’s the first one I’ve seen in Cape Town.

The sound is hidden inside the walls, seemingly, and resonates beautifully throughout the venue as I experienced Melanie Scholtz and saxophonist Mike Rossi test the system last night. Tables are fitted against the Crypt’s walls so there is space for a dance floor if need be, other wise it’s a Ronnie Scott’s type set up with dinner and live music. Drinks at the bar although there are waiters.

Paster blessing The CryptWe had a taster of the type of food to be served and chatted to the chef on the way out.

He’s looking forward to serving fantastic food at the sets that will happen from Tuesdays – Friday (18:00 – 21:00) and Saturdays (20:00 – 23:00) with a cover charge of R45 for adults and R25 for students.

For reservations, e-mail or call 079 683 4658 or find the line up on the Crypt Jazz Club’s website event page.

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