[REVIEW] Panchos Mexican Restaurant, Observatory, Sept 13.

Panchos BarPanchos Mexican Restaurant is situated in Observatory. I know a lot of people have mixed feelings about Observatory. Every city has to have ONE suburb with an active subculture supporting community and in Cape Town, that’s Obz. Home to many foreigners these days (apparently all the American guide books say that Obs is the place to live) Obz clubs and bars still run even though the suburb goes through high years and low years.

Panchos Chilli PoppersAll through those years there has been Panchos. A little modest Mexican restaurant on Lower Main Road. I believe their frozen margaritas were what caught my attention probably about 5 years ago now. They also threw my previous chilli popper restaurant off their pedestal. Ever since I had Panchos chilli poppers, I’ve only gone to the previous restaurant two times!

Panchos Chilli Con CarneMy second favourite dish is the chilli con carne starter (also available in main). I suspect they have a slow boiling pot that they stick on in the morning so that by time you get the meat at dinner time, the flavours have been absorbed and are deep set. Melted cheesy, a touch of cream; Absolutely delicious with the fresh slightly vinegary chips that accompany the meal. You can have a chilli popper starter (4) and chilli con carne starter for about R85. You won’t finish it all (unless you’re starving). Absolute value for money.

Visit Panchos on Lower Main Road in Observatory, Cape Town.

Sorry about the dark pics, mexican by candlelight!

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