Panarotti’s Eat All You Can Thursdays!

Panarottis PizzaEverybody needs or likes to hook up with friends and just hang out. But going to the same place can sometimes get a little boring if you’ve done it forever. I’m always keeping an eye out for new and fun things to do with my girlfriends which is why I always immediately attracted to Panarotti’s Eat All You Can Thursdays!

YEARS ago my girlfriends and I discovered the eat all you can night in Claremont which we used to visit from time to time. But as everyone moved around Claremont no longer because the centre of all of our suburbs so we dropped the idea. However, I drove past recently and thought about it again and realised that lots of my mates had actually moved back to the suburbs so it’d be fun to visit and have a pizza pig out session once again! We’re a greedy sorta clique 😉

Panarotti's Mexican PizzaWELL! I had NO idea that it is now a “thing” and that getting a table would be such a mission! Luckily I went really early so I was third in line – the entire restaurant was FULL! So I sat at the bar for about 30 mins until my girls arrived an it was my turn in the queue.

Now back in the day they used to have REALLY random pizzas like pasta on pizza and chicken mayo on pizza. This no longer exists – which I’m not too sure is a good or a bad thing! Good because those pizza toppings were ridiculous but bad because it made it fun eating something silly!

None the less, it’s just over R50 to eat all the pizza that you can. It’s a good way to have a laugh and pick and miss the ones you do and don’t like.

Panarottis Salami Avo PizzaUnfortunately the pizzas do come out a little slowly because most pizzas are finished by the third table so by the time they get to you there’s only 1 slice left which means your table can sit there waiting for the goodness for quite a while.

None the less, it’s a fun thing to do so grab your mates, get in the queue (starts at 6pm and you can’t book tables) and pig out on hot, fresh pizza 🙂

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