Cartridge Factory, Wetton.

Cheap Ink from Cartridge Warehouse, Cape TownGetting ink for your printer is a completely pain in the … ink cartridge 😉 I love having a printer at hand but it costs a fortune to continuously refill. Ok. Maybe R600 to some people isn’t a fortune but when it’s cutting into my social life and fashion world then it’s a fortune 😉

I’ve been on the hunt for cartridge services for a while and stumbled upon Cartridge Factory when I was going to the McD’s in Wetton. I parked my car and noticed the ink shop directly opposite the take out. I popped inside and explained to the guy that my black won’t print because the other colours had ran out. Don’t you just hate that about printers? So annoying!

He was really helpful and gave me the three colours I needed for R300 – half price, such a win! He even threw in a free pen which I couldn’t quite tell is part of a general deal or if he was just feeling over generous, it was a little weird but pretty funny.

Well I rushed home and loaded them all up only to be told that I needed two black cartridges because one’s just for text and the other is for pictures. AAAAHHHH Damn printers!!! So I sent boyfriend off to the store to get a black. It only cost R100 SUCH A WIN! He got home, I left it in his hand and Bob’s your uncle! My printers were back in action.

If you like hanging technology at your finger tips but don’t like paying a fortune to keep them running, check out Cartridge Factory off Rosmead Avenues in Kenilworth/Wetton. The guy is super helpful and, yes, it seems you do get a free pen with every transaction LOL!

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