[VIDEO] Shadowclub, Proposal?! CHEVELLE! Grand Arena, 31.05.13

The truth is that I don’t know a single Chevelle song. I said to my girl friends, “Aren’t they the band who sings Tonight Tonight?” “It is a metal song?” they replied. “No, it’s a pop rock song.” “No, can’t be them.” But I kept having that band in my mind. Anyway. Off to Grand West we went and no. They’re not a pop rock band. So I Googled who I meant – oh. That’d be Hot Chelle Ray. Ya. Missed the mark on that one.

LUCKILY I like metal anyway so I was happy to listen to the music even though I didn’t know a single song! I can’t remember the last time I saw a band that I didn’t know a single song! None the less the show was awesome. The sound was fantastic, the lighting show was epic and the lead singer could actually sing. Not in his style only, I mean actually sing – universally! Plus I’m always impressed with a 3 piece band that can get such a whole, collective sound.

The opening band that I managed to catch (sorry Woodstock Mafia but what rock show REALLY starts at 7pm? Oh – this one did!) Shadowclub I had heard lots about. I had to ask the guy next to me who it was though O.o I was happy to see them and didn’t realise they were from Durban as I’ve seen so much media on them. The lead singer could also sing 😉 And had a touch of the Darkness vibe in his voice.

And then the most American thing happened – a guy proposed to his girlfriend on stage. No. Not one of the band members. A regular guy! So if your’e into love and music, check out these videos:


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