Foblo Bulletin, Hilarious CPT YouTube Channel.

My partner found this video on the interwebs and it cracked me up from the word go. Presented by Anne Hirch (of the Anne Hirch show also on YouTube) the Foblo Bulletin gives “wanna be Cape Townians” all the information they need to “avoid FOMO this weekend”. Although they do shred people, I find it in quite good humour. Some satire can be too harsh that I don’t really like to support it but the Foblo Bulletin doesn’t take themselves seriously so it feels like it’s all in good fun.

Apart from “Ruda’s” hair wig flicking, mouth pulling and cheesy Afrikaans-English presenter voice (which I do find funny), my favourite thing of the show is the Market Indicators. The Foblo Bulletin gives us indicators in the costs of dagga (weed), double brandys and coke, etc. in each episode and is too classic.

The Foblo Bulletin is published on YouTube every Wednesday, just in time for the weekend. So if you’re looking to do something this weekend or just for a laugh definitely check out the Foblo Bulletin, it’s a lol a minute!

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