[VIDEO] Grietfest Cape Town 30.09.13

Tai Grietfest 2013This Friday night saw Grietfest Cape Town 2013 take over the Assembly. The three internationals who played on Friday included Bart B More (Netherlands), Tai (Germany) and F.O.OL (Sweden) all well known electro artists.

The 4th international, The Upbeats, played at Fiction’s It Came From The Jungle on Thursday along side Niskerone and Phaze. A night packed with the best drum n bass The Upbeats killed Fiction, however, Grietfest night 2 was all about electro.

Although Bart B More was set to be the big set of the night, all three internationals did a great job.

Bart B More Grietfest 2013

Tai was my favourite as I knew little about him but he played the most varied and quirky electro set. I like highs and lows in sets and I found his was really dynamic.

Bart B More took us back to the Don’t Party Discoteque days where driving electro was the name of the game on the night. One of the most respected producers of electro, he mixes his sets up but it still predominantly electro on the night.

F.O.O.L did a really great job bringing back the last party animals of the night. Starting with a dramatic intro, I liked his theatrics. Eventually he had girls on shoulders, boys going wild before Rudeone ended off the night.

FOOL Grietfest 2013

F.O.O.L played a hard electro set as well but had fantastic dynamics which kept his set super interesting even though it was all hard electro.

Sadly, the event doesn’t compare to the Johannesburg Grietfest as the set up is much smaller, however, it was a really great night of music. I really enjoyed listening to all the international sets as they were all really different from one another. It was a good re-education in electro!

Here’s my video for those of you who missed out. Check you next year!

P.S The Upbeats ROCKING Fiction Thursday, I’m hoping I’ll find a video from it somewhere!

Grietfest Cape Town Thank You

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