Skottel for Cape Town this Heritage Day! Sept 24th, 2013

Skottel for Cape TownSkottel for Cape Town is a brand new initiative with the aim of making a difference to our fellow South Africans. I’ve personally always loved the braai concept of Heritage Day. I heard a lot of people bitching about it, along the lines of “braaiing won’t fix things, braaiing doesn’t change the past, etc”. Maybe not, however, fire is one of the most revolutionary elements on our planet and EVERYONE can understand and appreciate the need and enjoyment of food. Everyone uses fire and thus the fire theme rings true for all of us in our own unique, cultural way.

Skottel for Cape Town Sharing FoodBecause of this, the guys at Skottel for Cape Town have created an opportunity to bridge the gap between the thoughts of haters and the enthusiasts. Skottel for Cape Town encourages South African to join together over heat and food and make a difference throughout South Africa. The next event is on – National Braai Day aka Heritage Day, September 24th 2013 and they’re calling on YOU to participate!

Skottel for Cape Town Food“Bring your skottel, your wors, your gees and your willingness to share some food with those who won’t have been celebrating.”

Together we can braai together and feed those who deserve a warm meal after this horrible Cape Town winter. For more details, visit the Skottel for Cape Town Facebook Event 🙂

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