[INTERVIEW] Damage Inc: Pandemonium VIP Remixes out TODAY!

Pandemonium EP CoverCape Town’s no stranger to tech drum n bass duo Damage Inc (Pziezzo Electric & Multicrisis). We first heard their hard style (tech) drum n bass tracks back when Noctivega launched at Chevelle (now Dragon Room) a few years ago. Since then, the boys have continued producing and releasing music from little old Cape Town to the world. Today sees their Pandemonium VIP Remix EP hit the market exclusively on Beatport. I caught up with one half of the Damage Inc duo, Pziezzo Electric, to learn a little more about the project.

BCTC: When was Pandemonium originally released?

DI: The original ‘Pandemonium’ was released on the 7th of May 2012. The response aNd feedback from the release was phenomenal. It was the first time (track) that really pushed our sound abroad. Yeah, we’ve had ‘Connect The Cuts’ and ‘Elucidate’ doing some power-punches, but ‘Pandemonium’ had that extra little-more accepted sound and it just took off. Neurofunkgrid did a big feature around the release, super grateful for those okes.

Damage Inc PressureBCTC: What inspired the remixes idea?

DI: The original composition was produced by us but the lyrics was a collaboration between us, Slewdada and Lee Br11. They were really on fire that day when we tracked the rhymes. Slewdada is a true fire-mouth and with a bit of tweaking and editing in studio, we had the track down in just under an hour.

BCTC: What is “Pandemonium” all about?

DI: The whole idea behind Pandemonium is simple. These events we all play and party at can get messy and fun yet one tends to be all over the place. By 3am it’s total Pandemonium in the club! Everyone’s either going up or coming down from their own respective highs. Communication and hearing is in total oblivion and the throbbing raw beat pounds away any last bit of sanity left. Imagine the setting…total Pandemonium!

Damage Inc Pressure 2BCTC: Tell us about the remix artists that you’ve collaborated with on the VIP Remixes EP?

DI: The remix artists were chosen with difficulty. Chris Bubenzer (ex-South African) who now also runs an alias with Alan Neale called ‘Infiltrate’. Daniel Norling, Neuro God (well, keep an eye on him) celebrated his first release ever by doing the remix. Sebastion Witte, Level C; who’s no newbie to the scene did a remix all the way from Germany. After Aphex (Claudio Talina) from Guimarães did a hard-hitting take on the track and no new-comer to Crossbreed. The we had BlakFrost (Blake Foster) who’s proudly South African, also doing a minimal take on it. And lastly, we threw in our own Reprize which we normally played as an intro to our sets to the EP as well.

Picture by Dansville

Photo by Vetman Design & Photography

BCTC: Where is the Pandemonium – The VIP Remixes EP available?

DI: The Pandemonium VIP EP has just gone live (Sept 16th 2013) exclusively on Beatport for two weeks. Thereafter it will be available on all the other big online stores including iTunes, Trackitdown, Amazon etc.

BCTC: What’s next for Damage Inc?

DI: Our next Various Artists LP (this a big one) is forthcoming on Nocid Business Recordings. It features an original track of ours called ‘200 Tons’ and is being released alongside big names such as Gancher&Ruin, Fragz!, Freqax, Erre, YmB, Mathizm, Brainpain, Lethal, Proton Kid, Cooh, C-netik and more. It’s an album called State of Mentality and will be out by the end of September. should be out by end September.


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