Felix Filmed at SACS High School, Cape Town

There’s a brand new South African film called Felix that was released this weekend. I love South African stories even if they’re a little under par, on occasion, I always support them because I feel we can’t grow without going through the motions. The reason why Felix has caught my attention is because it was filmed at SACS high school, right here in Newlands, Cape Town.

Many don’t know but Hidding Hall, the UCT campus in Orange Street was first SACS High School making it the oldest school in South Africa. My brother went there and, funnily enough, did music. Why’s that funny? Well because Felix is about a talented boy who learnt music and participate in a jazz band. My brother went to SACS and is now a jazz saxophonist HAHa! True story!

Here’s the trailor for Felix, let’s support South African stories. If Tsotsi can do it, we can do it again 🙂


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