[WIN] Tickets to Big Dreamer’s Summer Experience Pre-Party!

Let’s be honest, the good folk at Big Dreamer’s productions are just looking for an excuse to party. And hey, that’s fine with me! I’m always looking for an excuse to listen to great music, hang out in the sun, have a few toots and connect with my fellow Capetonians.

Photo source: JenOnTheEdge.com
Photo source: JenOnTheEdge.com

I grew up in the desert where summer time was all the time so we were never short of making cooling plans. One of my most familiar memories is the sound of my Dad cheering on the rugby (Come on Province, Ref you bloody arse!, yippee, yaaaay, high 5’s all around) spilling through the lounge windows whist my friend’s and I would spent the afternoon running through the garden sprinkler. Rays of sun and drops of water shining in a golden cloud as my brother is sent up onto the roof to fix the braai grid ariel if the signal got snowy. Good times!

So let’s celebrate the start of summer, enjoy the big line up and Big Dreamer’s international announcement in conjunction with Good Hope FM on September 28th 2013 at the Crusaders’ Sports Club in Greenpoint (The Cold Turkey venue). And our excuse? To hear who the big international is that Big Dreamer’s bringing out for the Summer Experience 2013!

WEEK 1 Competition: Tell me your favourite summer memory. CLOSED
WEEK 2 Competition: Tell me your favourite summer treat & WIN DBL tickets! Winners announced on Friday 20th 🙂

To WIN double tickets & a complimentary drink:

  • Tell me about your favourite summer memory in the comments section below.
  • Share the post on Facebook or Retweet on Twitter (and tell me which one so I can contact you if you win)
  • Please see the WIN tab above for all BCTCBlog T’s & C’s.
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  1. says: Nicole Arrison

    my favorite summer memory which has become somewhat of a summer tradition is sunday lunch braais with all the friends and a trip to the beach after to view the sunset, with gelato in hand and whatever watermelon (favorite summer treat) is left from the afternoon 🙂

    Shared on Facebook 🙂

  2. says: tremaine

    For some reason today I was thinking about sweet figs and sweet mango, I would say that’s my favourite summer treat:)

  3. Oh and for week 2 comp, My favorite Summer treat is not ice-cream or food, its to take my little boy to the beach and have a picnic with him and watch him have a blast in the sea water. It just melts my heart hehe

  4. My absolute best Summer Experience has to be when my parents took me and my brother to Club Mykanos about 15 years ago. We went on holiday and spent 2 weeks there in an amazing apartment right on the beach. They took us horse back riding, my first ever time riding a horse 🙂 and they took us Jet Skiing which was petrifying lol. That was our first and last family vacation before my parents split up. I love that memory 🙂 I shared this on Twitter and Facebook hehe coz Im cool like that 🙂

  5. says: Jason

    I would have to say my favorite summer memory would be boxing day a good couple of years back.

    The day after christmas – always the most exciting for me as a kid as it was a family tradition to go to Strand beach, the beach PACKED to capacity on boxing day (still too today), we would pack in the left over christmas lunch in our cooler boxes in true cape coloured style,the whole family tagging along from our irratating siblings to our loving pets, we would all go along and enjoy a day at the beach and at the end of the day all the adults would be louder than when we first arrived (who knows what else was in those cooler boxes)

    A small memory that lasts a lifetime 🙂

  6. says: Meagan Hailey Poole

    My best #SummerExperience has to be when i took part in our high schools interact outreach and we visited Table Mountain, Robin Island and helped build part of a house in Khayelitsha all in ONE day!