My 5 Favourite DUH Reality TV Shows

I love trash TV like I like junk food – A LOT! And I make no bones about it. I work damn hard and when I come home I find the perfect way to relax is by watching mindless, but pretty television. I DO NOT, however, like trashy, tabloid type stuff. No Jerry Springer, no Cheaters. When I was younger I liked these shows but then I learnt the importance of relationships so no, those aren’t for me. But glamour, beauty, arts, I’m happy. Here are my 5 favourite (sometimes WORST) TV shows ever!

Tipping Point

When I first saw this show I thought, “Ag, what is this first world CRAP!” Basically contestants answer questions, depending on how many they get right they are given disks which are dropped into a token machine, like what you get at the arcades. As the disk falls flat, it pushes other disks over the ledge and whatever falls down equals a certain amount of money. Even trying to explain how random it is proves what a silly show it is! And I thought it was TERRIBLE initially! Now I can’t stop watching it, LOL!!! Such a dumb game! But easy and great for chillaxing.

Long Island Medium

I LOVE THERESA CAPUTO! Now I know there will be a lot of you out there who don’t get the whole psychic thing or it even goes against your belief system. But I’m very interested in the supernatural (psychic, ghosts and aliens but not satanism or anything negative) and just love this show! Whether you believe Theresa or not, the bottom line is that she changes people’s lives and when I see the hope, peace or forgiveness they find in their eyes, I know it’s a good thing. I’ll leave it there as I know it’s a complex issue and I’m not here to convert anyone or be converted myself. I just love the show!

Catfish – The TV Show

I actually love Catfish and have SO much respect for how ahead of its time the show was – and how relevant it still is, it’s scary! Catfish is the name given to people who pretend to be someone else online and ‘catfish’ (known for hiding in groves) innocent people, usually via a romantic relationship. It’s the journey of trying to find out who’s REALLY behind all the messages and why the couple often haven’t met up. This show is so relevant; I don’t think enough people appreciate how good and important it is. There are just TOO many creepos out there and Catfish is brilliant at busting them. They’re also brilliant at helping people who were fearful of rejection, to come out, be better person and grow. It’s great!

Ex on the Beach

This is honestly one of the worst TV shows around! “This show was commissioned by the devil” I believe Mr John said this past weekend! Ex on the Beach involves sending 8 single, “beautiful” (I use ” because beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder!!!) young Brits and put them in a gorgeous beach house. As they get comfortable and start hooking up, they start delivering their ex boyfriends and ex girlfriend. PURE MAYHEM! Can you imagine going to a beautiful beach house and having to live with YOUR ex’s for a few weeks?! Some are fine, some are a nightmare. Add WAY too booze, a good doze of immaturity and a truck load of emotions – pure fire. Great watching when you’re brain dead on a Friday night. Oh, and some of them have THE WORST ACCENTS!!! You literally can’t understand them sometimes.

Keeping Up with the Kardashians

I’m a HUGE Kardashian fan, yes – you read correctly. I’m in awe of their ability to turn pop culture into hard cash and definitely don’t think people appreciate just how smart Kris Jenner (the Momager) really is. I’ve been meaning to write a post about it, maybe I will. But my number 1 show to watch when I get home is KUWTK because we can ALL relate to family drama, being working women, beauty, travel and lifestyle. I love to Keep Up with the Kardashians!


So when I’m hanging on the couch on a Friday night, this is what I’ll be watching! If you like any of these shows, please let me know in the comment section below so that I know I’m not the only crazy one! Thanks for reading 🙂



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