Cape Town ART Fair 2013 This Weekend! Oct 25th – 27th 2013

What on art is this? Picture via Art work by Charlotte Posenenske named "Square Tubes".

What on art is this? Picture via
Art work by Charlotte Posenenske named “Square Tubes”.

I’m so thrilled to hear of the new Cape Town Art Fair 2013 especially because it’s contemporary and interactive. I can’t tell you how much I love art. It makes me happy but it also irritates the life out of me. Van Gogh (below) and Turner (above) are two of my favourite artists because their paintings “move”. They both include the sky often in their works but put it in motion in a 2D format. Amazing.

This year I visited the National Gallery and the Tate Modern in London. I HATED one piece at the Tate Modern, which is really unlike me to say. It was a part of an industrial vent placed in the gallery. I NEVER say, “That’s not art.” but that’s how it made me feel. And inspite of myself, it still feel it falls into what I categorise as art – it must make you feel something. If it makes you think, smile, laugh, cry – or hate…then it’s art. I even consider DuChamp’s Urinal aka “Fountain” to be art!

And now it’s time for us to view and support our African artists. I’m really looking forward to the Cape Town Art Fair at the V&A Waterfront because it’s local, contemporary and interactive. Cape Town land artist Strijdom van der Merwe has created, what I would call, a field of red blocks! They’ve been designed to pop against the colour of the blue sky and grey green sea and visitors are encouraged to explore the blocks and be the “content” of the cubes.

Strijdom Van Der Merwe with his red cube installation. Photo by Andrew Brown.

Strijdom Van Der Merwe with his red cube installation. Photo by Andrew Brown.

Van Der Merwe says of his art work,

“What is most important to me is that people walk through the cubes and interact with the work. All the work on the fair will be work that you look at from a distance, this welcoming work outside the entrance is designed to be interactive and draw the crowd into the mind frame of creativity and art.”

Magazine Opulent Living is featuring their Culinary Art concept at the Fair. Culinary artists Malika van Reenen (Signal Restaurant: Cape Grace), Harpreet Kaur (Bombay Brasserie: The Taj), Jason Franco (Camissa: The Table Bay) and Scot Kirton (La Colombe: Constantia Uitsig) will not only be the subjects of photographic portraits but they will also be sharing their art with food on sale for R50/dish or R125 for 3 dishes.

The intention of the organisers of the Cape Town Art Fair is to make Cape Town one of the world’s permanent art locations and I think it’s a jolly marvelous idea! There will be over 130 local artists, 40 galleries, video installations and more featured in the fair.

The Cape Town Art Fair is running at The Lookout (Granger Bay side of the V&A Waterfront) for today, Saturday and Sunday. Tickets are R100 per adult and R50 per child U12 from The Cape Town Art Fair on Webtickets. Alternatively, visit the Cape Town Art Fair website for more information.

Now this is art. Just look at those brush stokes! I could put it on a cheese toast and eat it in the bath! <3 Van Gogh <3Starry Night Over the Rhone by Van Gogh by Van Gogh

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