DJs for Bread, Sunday 10th of November 2013

FoodPods Khayalitcha
Picture via FoodPods FB Page

DJs for Bread is the new initiative that allows DJs to vote with their feet and contribute towards a good cause. No one knows more about the struggle to get ahead than musicians so I think it’s pretty cool that they’re still taking an opportunity to give back. Maybe this will encourage people to support the arts and the cycle will continue!

DJs for Bread supports the FoodPods initiative and starts on November 9th (Saturday) and finishes on November 10th (Sunday). FoodPods  is a fantastic social enterprise that allows less fortunate families to grow their own fresh, organic vegetables in a small scale business that supplies food to their families and neighbours saving them transportation fees, high supermarket fees and combats food security (or lack there of) in South Africa.

Meme at FoodPods
Picture via FoodPods FB Page

On Saturday the FoodPods project will be working with produce in Phillipe. Volunteers are required to plant seedlings, harvest plants and transfer seedlings to other pods in order to feed those in need. If you volunteer your time to help then you will automatically get into Fiction on Sunday for the DJ’s for Bread party. Alternatively, you can buy tickets for DJs for Bread through Webtickets for R50 which will be given to the Food Pod Project.

As a celebration to all those who worked hard or who would like to contribute to the charity, DJs for Bread kicks off at 8pm at Fiction in Long Street and has a massive line up including:

  • Haezer
  • Grimehouse
  • Hyphen
  • Mix n Blend
  • George Daniel
  • Sir Vincent
  • DiloXclusiv

Registration for the event opened on Sunday (Oct 2oth) for those of you who would like to volunteer. I’ve been trying to grown my own herbs on my windowsill so I think I could learn quite a lot from working at FoodPods for a day, something to consider for yourself? Register to volunteer on the Bigger Than Me FB Page and be a part of the change we need in South Africa.

Join the FoodPods Facebook Page to see the incredible work this initiative is providing as well as the DJs for Bread Facebook Event for any further details.

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