Pedego Electric Bicycles Now in Cape Town!

Pedego LogoPedego Bicycles arrive! We’ve all spoken about having electric bicycles when struggling up a hill. If only we had a little help but a safe option – not as fast and powerful as motorbikes but just enough boost to get you up that mountain bike trail hill in Tokai (ouch!). And now the solution is here!

Pedego is a world leader in electric bicycles and their opening is in Houtbay today. I admit that they’re a bit bigger than I had imagined, however, it does make sense since something’s gotta do the work if I’m not! Pedego Electric bikes have a whole bunch of colours too so you can pick a bike that you like.

The bikes seems to work on a pedal or motor system so you can cycle when you want or chillax when you get tired (and keep going). Pedego offers rentals, tours and sales in electric bicycles and they’re opening today in Hout Bay. Pop by and check them out, it could be a great way to spend a summer’s day in the Mother City or a convenient way to get to work if scooters aren’t for you. See here for Pedego Directions.

Pedego Invite

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