Going Up Table Mountain 07.10.13, One of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World!

Table Mountain QueueWhen was the last time you went up Table Mountain? Every Capetonians goes, “Ag I’ve done it before, no need to do it again.” But they’re really wrong! That was my attitude and I was wrong too.

Considering most of us do only go up once a decade it’s really affordable. It’s free to go up Table Mountain on your birthday so if you go with a friend then you can split the ticket (about R110 each then) and it makes it more affordable. The real laugh is that a yearly ticket only costs R550 a year! So that’s actually a fantastic Xmas gift for those who want to trot up or trot down the table.

Table Mountain Wonder

I must say that the organisation and the service of the Table Mountain staff was lovely. We popped up for my partner’s birthday in early October. When one stands in the queue (if there is one) they have now timed the wait. So as you move down the queue you can tell how long it’ll take as there are sign posts along the queue line.
They then take a picture of you which is later superimposed on a background of the mountain. They were quite expensive though so as a local we chose not to waste our money. (I have one from the London Eye instead!)

Top of Table Mountain

Going up the Cable Car in the rotating egg is simply breathtaking. It’s extraordinary to see the mountain from so many angles, to hear the cheerful chatter of foreigners who have voted with their feet to support our tourism industry, to spot fat dassies lounging around on the rocks and to explore the top of the mountain.

The Shop at the Top is also wonderful with many trinkets and the new restaurant has been refurbished nicely with prices that aren’t too ridiculous. The lunch smelt really good but we had other plans so we couldn’t indulge. Another beautiful smell is the rich scent of the fynbos that accompany you all the way to the top of the mountain, beautiful!

Table Mountain Back View

I highly, highly, highly recommend you go up the Mountain. Perhaps you could buy tickets for a family member as an Xmas present? It’s really well worth it – I promise! Here’s a little video I took of our day out. Love you Table Mountain! P.S I saw THREE mongooses whilst I was there. they are SO CUTE!!!

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