Mr John’s Vape Report: Vapes for Beginners

Curious about vaping? Well Mr John has been vaping for over 5 years now and has tried and tested A LOT of vapes and liquids. So we thought we’d share his insights so that everyone can stop smoking and start vaping (or stop smoking entirely in the long run).

CAUTION: We are not medical professionals but speak about vaping purely from our own true life experience. While we do not know the effects long-term, it has changes our lives without question and are simply relaying our experiences.



5 Notes for Vapes

Before you start vaping, here are 5 points to consider as a beginner:

  1. Ease of Use
  2. Safety
  3. Battery life (mAH)
  4. Budget
  5. Airflow control

An Introduction to Batteries and Airflow

Most beginner devices come with built-in batteries, which means you can easily charge them with the USB cable supplied. What’s important to note is the mAH rating. Sounds scary – it’s not! It stands for milliamps hour and the short story is: the higher the mAH number, the longer the battery will last per charge.

For example, a 1500 mAH device will last longer and need to be charged less often than a 650 mAH battery. Everyone vapes differently – how many puffs you take, how often you use it, how BIG your draw is, etc. means ‘battery life’ varies from person to person. So, generally, the bigger battery – longer use.

Airflow control doesn’t seem like a big deal, but makes a huge difference to your vaping experience. It’s down to personal preference, but being able to alter the device to whether you like a loose or tight draw will definitely enhance your experience. All of the devices mentioned below come with everything you need to start vaping, except the liquids, which is a whole other post. 😉

So, with those beginning factors in mind, here are:

3 Top Starter Kits For Entry Level Vaping by By Mr John

Twisp Ion:

A lot of serious vaping enthusiasts aren’t too fond of the Twisp brand, but without a doubt, Twisp have done amazing things for the industry in South Africa. The ultimate goal of this whole e-cig culture is to get people off traditional cigarettes. Nobody has done a better job of that in this country than Twisp. The Twisp Ion is a great starting place to see if vaping is for you, here’s why:


  • The form factor is more along the lines of an actual cigarette, which makes the transition a little easier than the more box type devices.
  • Twisp outlets are EVERYWHERE , so help and product support are there in a non intimidating environment and stocking up on liquids and other perishables are easy enough.
  • It’s easy to use for a beginner , no settings to change or fiddle with. Charge, fill with liquid and vape away.


  • Because of it’s smaller shape and size , if you use it a lot , you’ll be charging and filling up with liquid multiple times a day.
  • More pricey than other imported non Twisp devices , but you’re paying for the brand and all the support and convenience that comes with that.

Available at Twisp stands in malls, in Clicks’ or online.

Joytech Ego Aio

Aio stands for “all in one” and is great easy to use device for beginners. The AIO vape costs around R350, depending where you buy it, means you can get a quality device for a minimal amount of money to see if vaping is the way forward for you.


  • One of the features that this unit has that many other devices don’t (and should certainly consider implementing) is a child proof filling cap. This means that your little ones can’t easily open it up and potentially ingest the eliquid.
  • It has a customisable l.e.d light, which you can change to suit your mood/style.
  • It has a spiral drip tip which prevents liquid from making it’s way into your mouth .
  • Cost – It’s cheap !


  • The airflow control ring doesn’t have any markings , so setting it up the way you like it is a bit tricky and comes down to feel and fiddling a little.
  • The fire button is quite large and raised and could potentially be pressed in your pocket or handbag by accident if you don’t forget to turn it off .

Available at most of your local specialist vape stores or online.

Eleaf iJust S Start Kit

I’ve had a couple of Eleaf products during my vaping journey and they’ve all been amazing, so it’s certainly a brand you can rely on and trust. The Ijust S is the bigger brother of the equally awesome Ijust kit and again, like the packages mentioned above, everything is included in the starter pack to get you going except for the e-liquid.


  • This unit is very well made and doesn’t feel cheap or “plasticy”. This is due to it’s full Pyrex and stainless steel construction.
  • It also has a large 3000 mAH battery, which should get you through most of day without having to recharge.
  • Like the Aio, this is a top fill tank, which makes it easy and less messy to fill with your e-liquid.
  • Another plus is the size of the tank, which holds 4mls of juice – more juice, less topping up!
  • The Atomizer/Short Circuit/No Atomizer/Low Voltage Protection means it’s idiot proof and will keep you safe .


  • It’s a SubOm device, which means you need to lower your nicotine level of your juice because of the higher powered device. ALOT of people make this mistake and end up with a very harsh vape.
  • The tank can use various types of coils to suit your vaping style , but that may be a little complicated for beginners.

Available at most vape stores or online.

In Closing…

There are cheaper devices out there, but with vaping you get what you pay for. If your initial experience with ecigs/ vaping is a bad one then you’re not likely to stick with it. Make sure you give a decent device a go before going back to cigarettes.

I recommend any of the above devices as a great starting point and don’t be scared to ask the staff at the outlets if you have any other questions – they’re there to help!

Good luck and happy vaping!



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