My Day at the British Museum, London, May 2013

Roof of the British MuseumThe British Museum is one of my favourite places in London. There’s actually SO much in there that even though I’ve been there three times, I’ve hardly scratched the surface. The British Museum is filled with world artifacts from ALL across the globe. Mummies, grand father clocks, hieroglyphics, ancient Greek sculpture, frozen humans found in ice, the list goes on!

One of my favourite pieces is the Rosetta stone. I still remember sitting in STD 2 history class and learning how the Rosetta stone was the key to later humans deciphering hieroglyphics. The stone with 3 texts, hieroglyphics, Ancient Greek and demotic which is another Greek dialect if I understand correctly.

Ancient Greek SculptureThere is so much incredible history in the British Museum that your brain literally can’t take it all in. And guess how much it costs to get in? Nada! Zip! Nothing! NOT even 2 tenners! It’s so awesome to see original historical artifacts. It makes all those text books you had to study really come to life and mean something. As you look at the pieces you start understanding what all the words you read meant.

There are so many beautiful art works and when I say art works, I don’t mean pieces of art like Van Gogh or Dali, I mean things created by humans. The Greek sculpture (right), even with the head gone, is just magnificent. To think that someone created that from one whole rock. If you make a mistake do you chuck it out or just keep chipping away? The movement and detail and it is made of stone! Remarkable.

MummiesI also like to think of the mummified people. Who were they? Some are still in their coffins (what’s the word for a mummy box?!) and some, as I mentioned above, were found frozen in ice. They’re preserved people! Ok the look like biltong but they’re still cool!

I’d highly, highly, highly recommend that you visit the British Museum in Russel Square. It really is a remarkable place and you’ll be blown away by what you see. They even had African art exhibitions, Thai culture, Chinese artifacts, it’s FILLED with remarkable items. I can’t wait to go back but now that the pound is R16.80 I don’t know when I’ll get the change again 🙁


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