The New, SEXY, Sodastream Machine: Source Element!

Soda Stream Source ElementLet it be said that I’m SO not the kind of girl to call machines sexy BUT when the new Sodastream Source Element came into my life, I changed. I changed I tell ya!

I saw a Ferrari last night as we went down Paradise Hill in Newlands and I was enveloped with curiosity. I tried to peer into the car to see, “Who is this man? How has be afforded such a beautiful machine? Boy I’d love to interview him.” But, of course, that’s not possible. The following morning I received the new Sodastream machine and I was like a playboy, “Goodbye Ferrari and hello Sodastream, you sexy beast!”

I don’t call things sexy, pretty much, ever. But I have a love affair with sparkling water and finding a machine that helps me be eco-friendly (Holt world of plastic bottles, I say holt!), have all the sparkling water in the world AND whip up some mixes (tonic, lemonade, ginger ale) is a dream come through.

SodaStream Source ElementThe Source Element is an “active green” product which means consumers are guaranteed to reduce their carbon footprint. I also love that I can adjust the flavour. My partner LOVES over sweet drinks but I always order ice in my pop because I like it slightly diluted. With Soda Stream, I can adjust the flavour to exactly what I want.

The Source Element has 3 levels of bubbles too. As you push the top the light fizz drop lights up, fizz it more and the second fizz drop lights up and for extra fizzy, keep it down til the third light goes on. You also don’t have to screw the bottle in any more! It sucks the bottle in and holds it there by itself. What a win.

Source Element SodaStreamI like all my appliances to be black but as you can see from the header, the Source Element is available in white too. A definite 5 yawns for this product! It was Synergy this past weekend – if I’d camped, that Source Element would have come with me FOR SURE! The Source Element is DEFINITELY going on my Xmas list or “goal” list for 2014.

Keep in touch via the Sodastream Facebook Page for recipe and great home tips. 🙂


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