Happy 3rd Birthday Cold Turkey!

Banner with Cold Turkey TextHappy 3rd birthday Cold Turkey! It’s no small feat to have a party run in Cape Town for more than a year. There are many obstacles to hosting a party in Cape Town. Not only are Capetonians spoilt for choice, they’re stingy with their money too! If they don’t like the price (usually anything over R40) then they won’t support.

It’s SO vital for subculture to be kept alive in Cape Town. If we don’t have our eye on the world then how can we take their original concept and better it with our unique African flavour? This is where Cape Town lacks understanding. In Johannesburg, they’re not hard pressed for support.

People at Indoor Party with different lightingSo with this in mind, congratulations to Cold Turkey for managing to pay for their sound equipment, provide a safe and improved location, food, fire and bar services, a zone to laze around on Sunday afternoons.

Thank you to the DJs  who always compromise their rates to support the cause. Together the artists and organisers continue to offer Cape Town a place to enjoy subculture bass music.

White Man DJing, Sign with Dave Q on it, People in night time garden

Speaking of DJ’s, last night’s line up didn’t disappoint! I managed to catch Funafuji, Dave Q (USA) and Hamma last night. The party was ON! Thanks to all the people who attended last night too. I’m not sure where you are on every other Sunday, however, EVERY attendee counts so please continue supporting the cause. Hopefully last night’s takings will propel Cold Turkey into its 4th year. Long live the underground!

From the humble beginnings of Darling Street, to the mayhem that was Amadoda, to publicity in the newspapers and magazines, being shut down numerous times by the cops to the Crusaders Sports’ club, long may it last.

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  1. I havent been to one in a long time, now ive started working so mondays are going to be a struggle but il do it anyway. You make so many good points so my mind is set. Im going this weekend 🙂