[CLOSED] DBL Tickets To Matthew Mole & Tailor at Kirstenbosch, 8th Dec 13

Matthew Mole Picture

Picture by Warroll Photography

Matthew Mole is a man who is drawing a lot of attention lately. The first South African to top the RSA iTune charts including beating Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Kanye West to number one. The 21 year old from Fish Hoek has captured South African hearts. I recognised his song “Take Yours and I’ll Take Mine” on 5FM and caught an interview with him on SAFM, which has allowed him to creep into my music consciousness as well.

So last week I decided to play Noot Vir Noot on Twitter and he came up in my iTunes. So I Tweeted his lyrics and all of a sudden I had half a dozen girls begging for tickets to his concert. What concert?! They replied, “Isn’t he playing at the beer fest?” No friends! I was just running a competition for the beer fest AND tweeting Matthew Mole lyrics. There weren’t related 🙁

BUT! This week I’m happy to say that the kind people doing the PR for Kirstenbosch have given me a set of double tickets to Kirstenbosch this weekend. If you’d like to win tickets to Matthew Mole, Tailor and Nakhane Touré then tell me why you love Matthew Mole (or Tailor or Nakhane Toure) in the comment section below and you could be a winner!

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  • i had heard of this matthew character for a while so when i go the chance to see him at the waiting room last year i couldnt refuse the offer. from that point there was no turning back. he pretty much put himself on the map, with his fresh sound and indie ways he is going places. he is such a musical hero – without sounding too cheesy – i want to be like him when i grow up 🙂 so yes, i would love to see him, alongside the gorgeous Tailor and the too cool Nakhane Touré.

  • I would looooovvvveeee to win tickets to see Matthew Mole on Sunday!! I love him because firstly he is South African, and we are just awesome!! Secondly he has soooo much talent, is an amazing singer with good looks too (which is a bonus) I would just be the happiest if I wont tickets to see him 😀

  • Their music is unique. And they r not copy cats like many on their genre…i will like to c them life..pls let me win * wink

  • Alana Johannes says:

    I want these tickets SO badly! These three are my current local faves.
    Matthew Mole and his song Take Yours, I'll Take mine is on constant rotation in my house; Tailor and her mysteriousness intrigues me and Nakhane Toure became one of my new faves after reading about him in the October issue of Rolling Stone SA

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