[CLOSED] Video: Civil Twilight Live in Cape Town

glass circle ceiling with chandelier with round lightsI was really looking forward to the Civil Twilight gig at the Center for the Book and I was not disappointed. From the secret car park at the back of the CftBook offering a new perspective on Cape Town to the actual auditorium, it was fantastic to visit somewhere new in the Mother City.

With only 300 seats available, we knew the gig would be intimate and geared ourselves towards a more Storytellers type setting than rock show. We were greeted by the sponsor: a tasty Black Bottle whisky and lemonade with a touch of orange which was perfect since it was about 28 degrees outside.

The show started with Paige Mac. She was introduced as the next best thing and I admit I rolled my eyes. Which newbie to the music scene isn’t introduced as the next best thing? BUT! She is the next best thing LOL. Paige’s voice is wonderful which she pairs with accents and intonation in her music which is soulful and real. I was really happy to have heard her and enjoyed her opening set.

Inside a hall with blue stage and audienceCivil Twilight was next. After the relaxing set from Paige, I was focussed and ready for CT. They started the set which totally absorbed me. But then people came to sit behind me and proceeded to softly talk through the set. Sigh. When it’s 30 degrees out and I’m relaxed and focussed, I REALLY want to have to compete between the conversation behind me and the show in front of me that I actually came to watch. I asked the gentleman to stop talking which lead him to kick my chair and have a strop on his way out. The girls then began to whisper as the show progressed. Why people, why?Β None the less, I just sat forward and tried to refocus on the show. Not everyone should have whiskey if they can’t handle it πŸ˜‰

Civil Twilight are very polished. I enjoyed seeing the bass played use a bow to play his bass! The singer play piano and guitar. The drummer tentatively watch the front members and the keyboardist singing backing vocals. They said they always wanted to give their best when they were back in Cape Town but doing such a great job in the States makes us proud anyway and gives lots of South African musicians hope. I wish them all the success for the future.

If you’d like to win a bottle of Black Bottle, tell me in the comment section below who the sponsor was πŸ˜‰

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