Step Up’s 4th Birthday Party feat. D3adl1ne (UK) & Jonny Miller (UK)


So StepUp has moved to the Assembly, fine by me! Zula has improved over the months but the Assembly is still one of my favourite clubs. This Friday night saw Step Up hosting D3adl1ne and Jonny Miller, both from the UK. The crowd on Friday wasn’t the usual Friday night crowd, nor was it the usual Step Up crowd so the energy was a little weird but the club still looked good.

I arrived at the start of Step Up Soundsystem (Funafuju, Ish and Blotchy) who played their UK brand of deeper dubstep, my preferred style. I love hearing these deep bassy tunes in a club although the Assembly felt a little big. Still, I’d rather hear that than brostep every weekend.

D3adl1ne played next and although he played much deeper than any Capetonian club usually goes, I really loved it. He threw in a few UK Garage tracks which never really took off in South Africa but it’s one of my favourite styles of electronic music so I was happy. The audience stuck with him though which I was pretty impressed with – most DJs who play on the deeper side know that it can be a bit of a struggle in Cape Town. None the less, D3adl1ne looked like he was enjoying himself and that always translated to the audience.

Jonny Miller followed but I think he was a little disappointed with the crowd’s response. Lots of people were dancing but when he addressed the crowd they didn’t seem too focused on the stage. Not the usual Assembly response where most of the people are there for the music even if they have a massive party simultaneously. I think this lack of focus from the audience caught Jonny Miller off guard. He soon got into his set but I felt like he’d given up a little at the end. I get it, sets can me a mind game if it’s not what you expect. He still mixed well and played his own perferred style of music which was good.

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