[PICS] Cape Town Tattoo Convention 2014

Cape Town Tattoo ConventionThis weekend was the 6th annual Cape Town Tattoo Convention and do you know how many I’d been to? NONE! I know! It’s so unlike me! For some reason I just didn’t manage to get there so I was really looking forward to this year’s event.

I popped down on a Friday afternoon after work which allowed me to breeze through the spaces before the hustle and bustle began and boy! Did it pick up quickly! I love Cape Town City Hall. The energy in there is always so electrifying and with the humble sounds of bzzzzzzz filtering out from its doorways, the Tattoo Convention was changing the dynamic (Sorry Ghosts, we’re haunting YOU now!).

Cape Town Tattoo Convention 2014 ArtistI personally don’t have any tattoos nor are my ears even pierced! Just one of those people who doesn’t like anything to permanent on my body. I do, however, (as you know) love art! I have a great appreciation for the techniques, skills and patience that is required to be a top tattoo artist. Most artists do start as drawing, painting, designing, street art and eventually tattooing and all of these elements were incorporated at the convention.

Cape Town Tattoo Convention 2014In one room they had tattoo benches with items for sale on the side. Glamorous lashes, scarves, dresses, shoes as well as pillows and lamps in the hall way. It was fantastic to be surrounded by individual art again and not the general mass marketed spam one is so often exposed to in markets.

#Six2014 also had the BEST hotdog stand from the CTEMF! I was so happy to see those guys! You gotta try one of those pretzel roll hotdogs man! Sailor Jerry was out back ensuring everyone’s thirst was quenched too.

Back inside the building there were various tattoo rooms and artists at work as well as a room with snakes! I saw a brow python and an albino python (the yellow ones). The man even had a big chameleon! For the boy (and some girls but not this girl) there was a lan room where people could play digital games (Tv/PC) with one another. That made my boyfriend happy LOL

Cape Town Tattoo convention graffitti artistsIn the final hall there was an art exhibition with graffiti artists creating their own art works live. I really loved all the art works as a series of palates had been commissioned for the convention and so one could compare the different styles.

I loved the convention and would love for it to expand even further. It’s definitely worth attending. Unfortunately, I wasn’t free to join the after rock n roll party at the Assembly on the Saturday night but I’m sure it was nothing short of a riot! Here’s to 2015 🙂

Cape Town Tattoo Convention 2014 Food HallCape Town Tattoo Convention 2014 Artists

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