[NEW] Van Coke Kartel Video – Klein Wereld

Francois Van Coke ProstheticsVan Coke Kartel has just released their latest music video Klein Wereld. Considering my Dad has been in a garage band for nearly 20 years, I thought it was only fair to share this video. Ok, don’t get me wrong, my Pops isn’t nearly as old as the ladies and gentlemen in this video! However, the concept of “old” dudes rocking out is one I’m totally comfortable with and I’d love to see Van Coke Kartel rocking into their late 70s!

The boys from the northern suburbs spent hours being moulded and made over for this video by Cosmesis Advanced Prosthetics (see second video). Rocking out an old age home is what they intend to do when they get there and I say, more power to them! Check out their latest video:


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