The 1975’s People: So 90’s, So Manson

The 1975 have just launched their latest music video, People, for their new 2019 album. With little over a month to go until the 1975 headline Rocking the Daisies on the Friday evening, fans around the world have been glued to YouTube for the premiere which launched at 20:30 on August 22nd.

With 120 000 views in 30 minutes, the new video is a rich 90’s throwback featuring bright colours, bad makeup, greasy hair and sporadic editing. “Girls. Food. Gear”, I think the festival mantra for 2020 has just been launched.

A much harder sound than their usual tracks and certainly harder than A Brief Enquiring into Online Relationships, this is going to have fans divided, with some loving it and some hating it.


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With nods to Jamiroquia’s Virtual Insanity, a little bit of Block Party and certainly Marilyn Manson’s Sweet Dreams video visuals, as a kid of the 90’s – I loved it.

Watch it here:

Let me know if you love it or hate it!

Don’t know what videos I was referencing? Enjoy them here:



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