[REVIEW] Side Walk Cafe, Vredehoek, April 2014

20140512-233835.jpgThe Side Walk Cafe is exactly that. A little cafe on the corner of a Vredehoek side walk – a far more appropriate word than “Pavement Cafe”, the South African equivalent! I’d had my hair done, with my Mom, on Saturday morning and was looking for brunch. Breakfast is a bit of a weird thing for me as I’d been working nights for the last half decade, I wasn’t too sure where to go. I know Arnold’s is popular but I wasn’t sure if it was Mom friendly. So I thought I’d extend my search for a good brekkie spot and Side Walk Cafe came to mind.

A quaint little cafe, as most Zingara services are, The Side Walk Cafe had a lovely open door that lets in the sunshine and allows diners to take in the blue sky and hilly city bowl of Cape Town. The cafe is made up of a few sections: a kitchen counter area, inside restaurant area and pavement area. We found a little corner in the kitchen section.

20140512-233804.jpgMy next problem was ordering – I don’t eat seafood and don’t eat eggs. What a drag when you’re trying to have breakfast! The eggs Benedict going past looked lovely, but not for me. Luckily they have other options so I chose the eggplant, mozzarella toastie that came with tzatziki and Greek salad.

Side Walk CafeI enjoyed mine but it was a little lack luster. Because it had no protein, I didn’t really leave full and after having it for breakfast, I decided it was the strangest breakfast I’d ever had.

In their defense, maybe it’s an appropriate brunch item. I should have had my Mom’s dish: bacon, french toast, nuts and maple syrup!  I usually love “ying-yang” food (hot/cold, sweet/savory, chilli/cooling) and had a taste of hers. It was very tasty and more to my taste. The food arrived quickly as patrons relaxed, quietly chatting or reading their newspapers, seemingly a favourite

I think this was just an instant where the meal I selected didn’t quite hit the spot. I thought I’d try something different but going for an old favourite probably would have been a safer, and more satisfying, bet. I’d definitely recommend visiting the cafe especially if you love eggs! Their salmon and freshly sautéed spinach eggy options did look beautiful – made me sorry I didn’t eat eggs! Find the Side Walk Cafe in Vredehoek, Cape Town.

P.S I see they have cocktails between 3 – 6pm – now we’re talking my language 😉


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