Free Uber Xs All Weekend! [UberX Launch]

Uber X Launch Cape TownLast night celebrated the launch of Uber’s brand new UberX service. Still the same efficient app just, this time, at a discounted rate. Uber Black is Uber’s premium service that promises BMWs, Mercedes Benzs and Audis for a R50 minimum fair. UberX promises Toyotas, Opels and VWs for a R20 minimum fair.

This has allowed Uber to extend it service to the more budget conscious market. Currently it costs R140 to travel from the Cape Town CBD to the Cape Town international airport. A fair and reasonable rate.

Uber Launch

Truth Coffee Cult Uber X LaunchUber X launched last night at Truth Coffee Cult. Upon arrival we were greeted by the friendly door host at Truth Coffee. There were already many members of the press chatting inside, of which I knew none and they weren’t too interested in mingling either. None the less, I was there to learn about the new service.

Uber had organised Chris Jack and Dean Fuel to provide some beats for the evening, an open bar and mini burger and pizza snacks. While most people took a seat and kept warm in the cold Cape Town area, Siv Ngesi welcomed everyone on the microphone, which most people ignored rudemuch.  I didn’t recognise anyone there except Jimmy Nevis, fellow bloggers and the DJs – clearly I’m not in the know, HAHA! Either way, I was there to learn about UberX. It was great to meet Lindsay, the writer because the Twitter account and all round Uber guru!

Accessing Uber XAccessing the Service

To access the Uber X service, simply:

  • Use my Uber Code to Sign Up
  • Download the app
  • Select the UberX (slide the toggle at the bottom)

plastic black glasses lying on a metal table in front of a barI love that Uber is a cashless system – no matter where you are, as long as you have your phone you will get home. No more  saving money until the end of the night (I don’t like taking my credit card out because it always equals a giant party  , no feeling guilty about tipping the cab driver, or for asking for change, stressing about having enough. The driver just clicks end on his side when you get to your destination. The amount is deducted from your account and your receipt is in your inbox before you can even get into the house!

To celebrate the launch of Uber X, sign up using my UberLovesChicks code today and you will get free Uber X taxis all weekend. YES. You read correctly. FREE taxis all weekend!

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