I Heart NY Pizza Slice!

I heart I Heart NY PizzaNY Pizza Slice!!! I might have to say it again. I actually HEART New York Pizza SLICE! DAMN! (Apologies) But this stuff is GOOOOOD.

Ok I might have mentioned that I love pizza a few times on the blog but I don’t just like any poopy pizza, I like GOOD stuff! When I lived in London we’d leave the club at 4am, wait for the night bus at 5am, stop off at the petrol station (which aren’t ANYTHING like the Engen’s we have here) and get an oven pizza. Home by 6am, pizza in oven and we’d end the day with a pizza that had crispy crusts and watering, siff, centers. They were vile. Once back in SA though, I got on the Butler’s pizza bus and never looked back. They’re my favourite deliver pizza and Borruso’s in Kenilworth is my favourite woodfired pizza. TASTY!

NY Pizza Slice MenuBUT! I have foodie friends and an American friend so when NY Pizza Slice opened in Kloof street the conversation kicked off. According to my American friend, it was very, very close but not quite the same thing. Which is understandable considering it’s not ACTUALLY pizza from New York. Everyone else raved about it.

Upon entering I saw a man sitting in the window savouring every bite and looking like he was in heaven. I asked him if it was worth every bite and he responded with a direct Is-The-Pope-Catholic look. Fair enough. I took a look at the little shop’s menu and didn’t know what any of the names were but there was only a pepperoni pizza in the window anyway so we took a slice of that. They warmed it up for us, we paid our R18, sat in the window and tucked in. And it was extremely TASTY!

I love the fact that it’s just R18 a slice, really affordable. Also, when my brother went to New York City (the actual city) he said the pizza was absolutely horrible, super oily and when you folded it in half all this oil dripped off. So I tried it and yeah. Oil did drop off but it didn’t actually taste oily which was the weird part. They also give it a sprinkle of parmasian once it’s out the oven which would add to the cheese oil normal for a pizza.

The crust is also kind of like the top of a ciabatti, a sorta mix between soft dough with crispy, bread top corners. The marinara sauce was also divine! I could have eaten an entire pot of that pizza goodness I’m not going to lie. It was so good in fact that I ordered a second slice. This time vegetarian. More pizzas had come out the oven so there was more to choose from.

I Heart NY Pizza is worth EVERY CENT. The staff were super friendly, polite, the man had a rapport with regular customers which he greeted and welcomed even though he didn’t know their names. I sat in the window and had a beautiful lunch date eating pizza in the cold Cape Town weather watching the residents of town mill about. Perfect.

Check them out at 49a Kloof Street, Cape Town, opposite the Nandos in Kloof street.

slice of pepperoni pizza up close with cheese














I Heart NY Pizza Slice





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