[REVIEW] Come Wine With Us Dinner Club: July 2014

Come Dine With MeI was kindly invited to attend the Come Wine With Us (July) event at Reuben’s at the One and Only. A rainy evening, my friend Panda and I made our way to the luxury hotel for my first CWWU experience. We joined our table of media folk and enjoyed the Xmas in July theme. For this edition of Come With Us, Durbanville Hill’s presented their Rhinofields wine to compliment the meals.

The Durbanville Hills wine maker joyously shared information about the range before each course. Perhaps a little TOO joyously 😉 The Reuben’s chef (not Reubens himself) shared with us details of the meal that we would be eating and how it was inspired to compliment the wine. I was sat with Cape Town My Love, who I met at Azure, who also reviewed the evening.

Picked KingklipFor starters we were served pickled kingklip. I don’t eat seafood but I always try every dish at gourmet restaurants just to double check I don’t like it. YUP! I still don’t eat seafood! 😀

The kingklip was too fishy for me but it was cooked perfectly- just done. Lentils were a nice touch and added something different to the dish. It was paired with the Durbanville Hills Rhinofields Chardonnay 2012 which I enjoyed.

Beef short rib and polentaFor the main course we were presented with a slow cooked short rib that had been deboned, moulded in a dome and served on a bed of polenta. The seasonal greens were a great palate cleanser from the rich beef but I could have done with a few more of them.

The sauce of the rib was rich which I enjoyed but some of the other girls were less greedy n’t able to finish their portions. I enjoy a good pinotage and the Durbanville Hills Rhinofields Pinotage 2012 paired wonderfully with the meal.

For dessert a creme brulee was served. It was a little short on the flavour side (but not eggy, thank goodness) but I LOVED the pear sorbet. Cape Town My Love was the complete opposite and didn’t like the sorbet at all! That’s taste for you 🙂

September 2014 Come Dine With UsFor entertainment we were serenaded with musical poems by Luna Paige. She has a lovely voice but I thought the sketches were a little bit silly. Call me old fashioned, but I could have enjoyed some jazzy tunes instead. (She was asked to write them, she did a good job, I’d just have preferred something else.)
Overall it was a very pleasant evening. Sybil and the Come Wine With Us team host a well thought out event with a comfortable and welcoming tone. The food is great value (3 course meal with wine for R350). Do book a seat at the next Come Wine With Us which will be on September 3rd and 4th at the 15 on Orange and celebrates Heritage Month. It’s a fantastic occasion to bring friends together, have some beautiful wine and a tasty meal, relax and enjoy during the week.

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