[MIX] SideShow: Flavour of the Weak

Sideshow LogoNow that I have a day job and actually have time to listen to music, Sideshow‘s cheeky little mix popped up on my timeline first thing this morning. I’ve just stuck it on and it’s getting¬† me through my morning of client blogging. I have a lot to do today so blocking out general office sounds (no offense my lovely colleagues) will help me get through things more efficiently.

SideShow says it features her “favourite flavours, local and international.”

The Real Estate Agents x Hawkword x Vox Portent x Escapism Refuge x Vuildite x Albert Axe x Women Who Kill x Hlasko x Majora x Jumping Back Slash x Wuki x Samename x Dubbel Dutch x Cause & Affect x Onderkoffer x Salva x BOY/FRIEND

If you have a lot of work today, play this:


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