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Update (12th March 2015): For only R475 per person, movie fans get to combine the pleasures of a three-course menu in fine dining restaurant Azure with a VIP silver screen experience, courtesy of the hotel’s very own 16-seater cinema. The hotel’s monthly movie schedule features something for everyone, from recent blockbusters (The Hunger Games – Catching Fire) and comedies (The Internship), to classics (Casablanca), dramas (Black Swan) and chick flicks (Sex and The City). The are 3 dinner screenings daily, at 17:30, 20:30 and 22:30. To book, contact restaurant reservations on +27 (0) 21 437 9029 or email

Azure Recently Mr Love and I were invited to the gorgeous 12 Apostles for their couples date night: Dinner and a Movie. After having driven past the exclusive hotel for years and years but never having visited, and loving their restaurant’s food (Azure) at the Taste of Cape Town Festival, I was really keen to visit.

Upon arrival we drove into the seaside hotel. The parking was a little confusing as the boom opened for us but when we reached the top, the parkings were numbered. And it’s not the kind of place that you want to annoy the guests by parking in their parking spot! However, we took our chances. When we entered receptions, the gentleman that was there carried on his client call so we hung around the foyer feeling rather unwelcome. Eventually a lady from the back office rushed out to greet us. She was really friendly and helpful which made us feel like we might be welcome after all! She directed us upstairs to Azure.

Azure Dining tableJanie from 5 Star PR, ever the professional, kindly greeted us which we really appreciated. She welcomed us to the media table where we joined numerous bloggers and editors. The table setting was tastefully set, which sounds like a funny thing to say but it is seaside themed which is really overplayed, however, the 12 Apostles did it was style and it was a really lovely setting. Once seated we were offered a glass of champagne. I expected the usual dry smack of a MCC but this bottle was much sweeter which I really enjoyed. We were also offered an array of breadsticks and rolls followed by the chef’s amuse-bouche of pork croquette. It was a tasty little treat to get the taste buds enticed.

Azure TerrineThe Dinner and a Movie menu is smaller than the usual Azure menu but offers something for everyone. I chose the terrine as a starter which was delicious. Composed of various meats, blanched pistachio nuts with a tangy apple puree (I presume) on a bed of pate (liver I think, it really really smooth) with cucumber and micro-herbs, it was a gorgeous starter. I feel like I could eat a loaf of it! (It was only when I asked for the menu that I was reminded it was chicken and black pudding! It was awesome!)

A little bit of magic was also presented in the form of a dry ice fountain for our palate cleansers. It added a wonderful touch of fun for the meal:

For mains I ordered the blesbok. I always try to order something different that I can’t have every day. Since it’s game it is cooked to medium rare which is fine by me as it rests so that the remains juicy without being bloody (what puts most people off). When I cut into the meat it seemed really tough and I thought, ‘Oh no!’ But when I ate it, it was really tender. I’ve learnt that cutting meat with the grain is a common mistake and understand that cutting it against the grain makes it more tender. The chef MUST have done this is it was tender. The last time I had shitake mushrooms I REALLY didn’t like them. In fact they ruined the whole meal. Somehow, this time, I didn’t even notice them. The grilled king mushrooms were beautiful too as well as the smooth purees (butternut and cauliflower, I can’t remember what the last two were but they were smooth and delicious!). I think there was blanched garlic as well which gave it a richness without burning the palate. The most surprising part was the celery leaves. I love celery but I’ve never seen it as a feature of a dish but rather usually for stocks and sauces. It gave the meal a refreshing pop from the earthier tones of the blesbok and sauce.

Azure Blesbok

The Azure sommelier (apologies for not recalling his name) introduced us to some beautiful wines which complimented each meal on the menu perfectly. I’m usually a white wine drinker but this evening enjoyed red which was delicious.

Azure White mousse dessertFor dessert I ordered the white mousse with pumpkin ice-cream. I have to say this was a bit of a let down. I LOVE white chocolate mousse but this particular dessert lacked flavour. I appreciated the gold leaf and red jellies that accompanied the plate which made it pretty as a picture.

We were then invited to order milkshakes for the cinema which we did. Before they arrived, we were ushered into the 12 Apostles private cinema where Charlie’s Angels played for the evening.

20140708-003550-2150094.jpgOnce we had taken our seats a waiter brought our milkshakes. Before our milkshakes could settle down, another waitress entered to offer us Magnum ice creams! This time we had to refuse though as were TRULY couldn’t fit in another bite! (Let me not forget to mention the pop corn on hand and sweetie table that offers marshmallows, jelly tots and other sweeties.)

It was a really enjoyable evening at the 12 Apostles. Azure’s cuisine is world class and the private cinema turns a regular dinner date into an experience.  The cost is R400 per persona and it is well worth it. Make the decision to visit with your significant other this winter and enjoy a beautiful evening in the luxury hotel.

* Since I attended, two of my friends decided to give it a go and have both loved it. The next time I visit the 12 Apostles, I would like to experience the high tea, another Cape Town favourite.

12 Apostles Camps Bay

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