[REVIEW] Wild Clover Farm, Stellenbosch

A few weekends ago Mr Love and I made our way to the Wild Clover Farm in Stellenbosch. I’d received an array of information about the farm in recent months and was intrigued. The Wild Clover Farm hosts a restaurant, brewery, petting zoo, pub and game park!

Wild Clover Farm Entrance

Wild Clover Farm BeersWe arrived at the farm where the manager, Rich, kindly greeted us. We decided to have lunch first and then enjoy the game drive. The menu includes pub fare at reasonable prices. While we placed our drinks order, the Wild Clover¬†beer master came over to talk us through some of the farm’s craft beer. We had a sample tasting of the 4 and, considering I don’t usually drink beer, I enjoyed them. If you DO like craft beer then I’m sure you will enjoy these.

Wild Clover Farm Brewery

20140727-124216-45736417.jpgApart from being chuffed with the fact that my Hunters Dry was presented with a frosted glass, we ordered our lunch.When I arrived at the restaurant I had been greeted with a smokey smell and was instantly in the mood for something farm, country, homely smoked or braised, cooking. Because of this, I ordered the braised lamb ciabatta. Sadly, it only arrived on a roll, wasn’t smoked and was roasted not braised. It had dollop of tzatziki on top which I enjoyed and the chips were very good.

It is a pleasant setting as there is ample space for families with small children (then even had miniature tables!) and has a very relaxed atmosphere.

Braised lamb sandwich

The Wild Clover has HUGE potential if they get someone behind the pass to amp up their food and make it something really special. Fresh farm produce delivered in a down to earth style that smacks of flavour. I’m sure there are a few farmers and wives in the area with some killer home cooked recipes that could take it up a level.

Steak Lunch

After lunch Rich took us out into the game area in a battery operated golf car! It made total sense as it allowed us to quickly move around the area without disturbing the wildlife. I love animals and really enjoyed learning more about them from Rich, who has years of experience after working as game ranger in various national parks.


On our trip we saw black springbok, “normal” springbok, white springbok, gemsbok, wildebees, eiland and zebras. The highlight of the afternoon were the three giraffes though. Living in the Western Cape – these are scarce! So it was brilliant to see them so beautifully and eloquently strolling across the land. There was a Mommy, Daddy and baby and they were magical! They are the BAYEST! (Best in an American Southern accent – that’s how much I love them!).

20140730-134800-49680050.jpgGiraffe at Wild Clover Farm

Wild Clover Farm Pub and Function FacilitiesOn our return, we popped into the pub which was set up with a big screen for the rugby. Locals played pool and the venue was big enough to have a band gig there. Apart from annoying the animals with loud rock music, I reckon it could be a great band venue! Lastly, we quickly ran to go see the animals and the petting zoo – there’s literally something for everyone at the Wild Clover Farm!

It was a wonderful day out and I’d like to thank Rich and the farm for having us.

Wild Clover Farm PremisesLess than an hour out of town, the Wild Clover Farm is a very pleasant setting for couples, friends or families to enjoy. On this particular day there were families with young kids playing in the garden while Moms enjoyed a toot and lunch with friends. They even have mini pub benches for the kids to sit on! Visit the Wild Clover Farm Facebook Page for further event details.

One last note: while our service was 100%, the Twitterverse didn’t agree. I suggest you make a visit and decide for yourself.









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