Sonar 2014: Cape Town

Sonar Cape Town LogoSonar is a well known electronic music and new media festival from Barcelona, Spain. This year it celebrates its 21st birthday, playing host to local and international DJs intertwined with interactive technology exhibits and new media showcases. Sonar has held over 50 festivals around the globe, playing to each location’s unique physical spaces and cultures.

This December, Seed Experiences (Rocking the Daisies) will be collaborating with the well known brand to host Sonar Cape Town. Sonar Cape Town will be one of four venues across the globe to host Sonar 2014. Other locations include Barcelona (Spain), Tokyo (Japan), Reykjavik (Iceland) and Mexico.

Collaborating established artists with emerging talent sees Sonar providing a platform for music lovers to experience experimental music and technology in one space. Ventura Barba, COO of Advanced Music (the company behind Sonar) comments, “Now part of Sonar, Cape Town joins a global music network, cementing its place in Electronic Music Culture (EMC).  One of Sonar’s philosophies is to discover talent in new markets and give the artist or DJ the opportunity to perform at one of the global Sonar events.  We’re looking forward to scouting South Africa’s acts and giving fresh talent the opportunity to perform at Sonar around the world.”

Brian Little, managing director of Seed Experiences, explains the process behind the launch, “In order to ensure that the tour stays true to the essence of the Sonar brand, the entire Seed Experiences team traveled to Barcelona this June to gain insight into the event’s roll-out.  We met with the production, marketing, sponsorship and artist liaison teams in order to launch a South African installment that mirrors the international brand, while ensuring its relevance within the local context.”

Seed Experiences will host Sonar Cape Town every year, starting at the Good Hope Center on the 16th of December. #SonarCapeTown

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