PHFat Lights Out Video Now Out:

Cape Town hip pop group PHFat has released their latest video for Lights Out. I have to stay that I’m not 110% in love with it, only 80% in love with it. Obviously their beats are too sick so I expect something a bit creative from them. The product of the video is really good, as are the actors, acting, concept EXCEPT! The hot chick pillow fight thing. COME ON! U guysssssss!!! Even a food fight is less played out than the hot chick pillow fight scene. Anyway, they fuck each other up good and proper and it’s a great watch. Just woulda preferred a slightly different launch scene.

Considering I just posted the Walk Off the Earth Happy cover, I think it’s befitting to share the Grassy Spark version of Lights Out too. It’s good, but not as good as the original 😉 Enjoy!

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