[VIDEO] Michelle Pineda – Rainbow Nation Song

Why? Why? Why? Is all I can ask. This Rainbow Nation song makes me cringe. As a Nation, are we not capable of seeing ourselves in a global market? Our sports men and women tell me that we are capable of doing things on an international level with taste and class. So WHYYYY do we make music videos like this?! What’s ironic is that Michelle Pineda can actually sing! When the video started I thought, “Oh God. Here comes Rebecca Black SA.” But Michelle actually sings well enough which makes sense as her Facebook says she’s a music teacher. It also says she put a lot of effort into the video…where?! By trying to convince us she’s a dancer!? And who on EARTH added those revolting effects?!

This must be aimed at the tacky, Afrikaans sokkie market because no pop-loving person in their right mind would fall in love with this video. Y’all know I am not a hater blogger but really, all I can ask is WHY!? Especially when we have such an amazing country that would provide CENTURIES of incredible footage for a song about South Africa! Maybe she wanted to use ugly tactics in order to create bad press since there’s no such thing as bad press. But if you believed in your music enough you wouldn’t use those tactics.

I can’t find a Facebook Page nor Twitter account for Michelle but if she reads this post and wants to do an interview, I’d love to hear her side of the creative story. Feel free to contact me!


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