Europe Day 12: Zurich City & Zeughauskeller

Today was our last day in Zurich. We took the opportunity to visit the old and new city sections – by bicycle! It was such a joy being able to ride a bike without worrying about being robbed and run over. Really. That’s how I felt! We cycled down the streets and around a waterfall, through a park filled with kids playing and into the city, it was wonderful. We arrived in the city center at and look a window shopping view of all the luxury stores.


After looking in the shop windows we walked to a popular chocolate shop to try the treats. The shop was incredible and I was kicking myself for not buying any of the gorgeous chocolate, however, I made up for it later as they also had a store at the airport 😉  Instead we had to macaroons which our friends bought for us. I have to say that macaroons confuse my brain as they are half cookie, half mirang. We bought some awesome flavours though like salted caramel and champagne! They were perfectly made with the crunch top and gooey center.


























After our macaroon breakfast we went to have some lunch at the local Bratwurst shop. There are two kinds, one that is smoked (more like viena tasting) and one that I can describe the taste as being braised in taste (in a sausage obviously), straight up pork meat. They also have a type of potato salad with an olive oil dressing not thick mayonnaise.


























We took our lunch and sat along the river with all the beautiful swans. The locals don’t seem to like them as much as I do but I understand why; they are quite greedy and because they are so big they are also very strong. So when they want your sandwich, you have to be careful that they don’t just take it from you with their long necks!

































We also explored the old half of the city by walking up hills and visiting old buildings. In this lovely church a small orchestra was rehearsing and we managed to listen to the beautiful classical music while taking in the ambiance of the church.



































































































And of course, being in Europe we HAD to have a pretzel. They served them with butter which were really indulgent and tasty!




















After our lunch time mission we returned home to relax for a bit. We were keen to find somewhere very typically Swiss to have a last traditional supper. We found Zeughauskeller that served traditional Swiss food, which includes beef on a sword! Although I was really missing my cider at this point in time, I had to have a beer with my dinner.


































We ordered traditional Swiss food including schnitzels, shpatzley (sp) and rostis. Again they didn’t offer anything green with the meal LOL! So random but I do understand as in snowy country they can’t produce fresh vegetables all year round so it hasn’t become part of their custom. My friend’s mushroom and cream sauce was to die for though! Really delicious.

IMG_9765 IMG_9763




































IMG_9773 IMG_9768






































After dinner we took one last stroll and tram ride through the city, taking in the sites at night. It was another wonderfully warm evening in Zurich and a special way to finish off the European leg of our holiday. I hope I see you again Zurich!



















Thanks for reading, until next time 🙂

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