Galbi Korean BBQ Bar, Long Street,

Galbi BraaiWondering what to do tonight? Why not try get a table at Cape Town’s latest group dining restaurant, Galbi Korean restaurant? Ok, so it’s not only for groups, couples are welcome too, however, going in a group just makes it so much more fun! We went to Galbi in November for our staff party and it was a hoot!

The restaurant offers South African and Korean cuisine that visitors braai themselves! We were a table of 10 and ordered a number of different items for cook ourselves. The server then brings a pot of coles and places them in the  mini fire hole embedded in the table. They work fairly well but we only had 2 fires for 10 and unfortunately only the inner rims of the pots are hot enough to cook food, especially when there’s pork involved.

IMG_0887This genuinely didn’t ruin our experience though as we were out to chat, drink and enjoy the fun. The servers also suggested we ordered early as there were numerous other large tables in the restaurant as well. And while it may not make sense to have to order early if you’re cooking your own food, the kitchen does take time to prepare some of the items such as the stuffed mushrooms or sauted vegetable dishes.

I ordered pork chops, steak and one of my South African favourites – braai broodjies! They were a joy to make! My friend had lived in Korea and went for the far more adventurous options like pickled cabbage or something along those lines – I can’t remember the Korean names!

Galbi is loads of fun so grab your friends, book a table (it’s very busy) and have a great fondue-braai-style night in Long Street.

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