Home Bar Restaurant, Harfield Village, 16.02.12

It’s almost unforgivable that as BCTC reaches it’s 1st birthday, Home Bar in Harfield Village has yet to feature here. One of the most understated restaurants in Cape Town, Home Bar truly has some of the most honest and delicious food in the Southern Suburb area.

The name Home Bar is everything the name suggests, comforting, unpretentious, personable and most of all reliable. I’m so sad to say that I haven’t eaten at Home Bar over the last year, hence why it hasn’t featured on BCTC. Since revisiting the restaurant this February, I’m almost disappointed in my lack of support of the familiar establishment! Why? The food. Bottom line.

There are millions of ‘locals’ around the globe that provide a personable experience to its patrons but Home Bar’s unpretentious and delicious menu really means it lives up to its name. There is a limited menu displayed upon the walls on orange lit boards with about 5 starters, a dozen mains and 3 puddings. ALL of the food is really tasty! It really doesn’t matter what you order, each item is as good as the last, however, my top 5 dishes include Lamb Shank, Espetada, Butter Chicken Enchilada, Creamy Brandy Chicken and Pepper Steak – yes, I’ve eaten there a lot over the years! (And I don’t eat seafood).

The lamb shank is rich and slow cooked, perfect with mash potatoes for a chilli evening. The Espetada is a decent portion with beautiful spicy flavours, watch the garlic butter drip over the chips and honey laced vegetables (stirfried) below, indulgent!

The Butter Chicken Enchilada isn’t the kind of food I would usually recommend. I hate correander but its mostly used as an added flavour so I can pick it off! The inside is a smooth chicken combination, not too buttery, that is accompanied with tzatziki. The Creamy Brandy Chicken is composed of two chicken breasts smothered with (who would have guessed?!) creamy, brandy, mushroomy sauce! It’s beautiful with jasmine rice and al dante green beans and pumpkin – not the usual restaurant butternut. Finally, pepper steak. There’s not much I need to say to convince most people about how delicious pepper steak is and Home Bar is no different. Served with your choice of starch and veggies, another great meal.

The menu also includes kassler chops, springbok shank, ravioli, Home Bar burger, platters, warthog ribs (although I can’t vouch if they really are warthog opposed to pork, I’ve never had them), lamb curry, etc. I have yet to meet anyone who doesn’t greedily gobble down their Home Bar dinner.

I only have one qualm and that is the Lindt Chocolate Fountain. It’s a tiny portion and really not worth the money – R40. It tastes nice but it’s nothing to write home about and for R40 – you want a pudding to really win you over. I wouldn’t recommend this. Rather go for the chocolate brownie. Find Home Bar in 2nd Avenue in Harfield Village, off Lansdown road in Claremont. If you’re not in the mood to eat, pop in and drink! The owner Charlie is really friendly and knows all his regulars. You always feel welcome at Home Bar.

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